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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:10:29 +0900
To: "Yoshiro Toda" ,"守 一雄"
From: (守 一雄)
Subject: Re: Little black sam


At 9:05 PM 00.3.14, Yoshiro Toda wrote:
> If you would like to understand
> me, please read again my past contributions to your site. By doing so, I am
> sure you will understand what you did wrong in your book.

In order to understand what you have written to me, let me ask you one more question.
Who do you think my "Chibikuro Sampo" would remind of the old book?

I would appreciate very much receiving your answer to my former question;
> What's wrong with reminding of the old book?

Thank you.(よろしく)

Kazuo MORI(守 一雄)
Shinshu University(信州大学)