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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 13:26:16 +0900
To: "Yoshiro Toda"
From: (守 一雄)
Subject: Re: Little black sam
Cc: kazmori

Dear Mr.Toda;(トダさま)

At 2:54 PM 00.2.29, Yoshiro Toda wrote:(トダさんはこう書いています。)
> > I hope the problem of the association will diminish in time and eventually
> > disappear.
(私は、この連想の問題はだんだんと消えていき、最終的にはなくなると期待しています。) >
> I agree that you can't prevent anyone from associating the two
> books even when the title is changed but then at least you are not
> instigating the public to do so, provided you don't advertise the new book
> as a new version of the old. I think you have a moral obligation to change
> the title of the book.
(確かにあなたの言うように、タイトルを変えても2つの本の連想を食い止めることはできないことは同意します。しかし、それならば少なくとも、前の本の改訂版だいう 宣伝を止めて、連想を煽るようなことは止めるべきです。私は、あなたにはこの本のタイトルを変える道徳的な責任があると思います。)

Your suggestion is a kind of "passive tactics", letting people NOT associate the new book to the old one. However, I have chosen a "positive tactic", explaining the reason why the word "Sambo" should not be used. For that purpose, I have prepared an attached booklet within my new book. If you would read this booklet, you would certainly recognize that the author of the revised book has accomplished enough effort to fulfill a moral responsibility.

This reminds me of your request, to which I fogot to answer in the former e-mail.

At 0:52 PM 00.2.25, Yoshiro Toda wrote:(トダさんはこう書いています。)
> Please explain to me the reasons yourself for I cannot get hold of the book.

I am one of the major authors of the book. I answered by myself to all the questions posed by the protesters in it. Therefore, please read it. I believe you will find it informative. You can get it through the following web page;

Judging from what you wrote in your e-mail, I believe that you have not read my book "Chibikuro Sampo" yet. As I stated above, I prepared an attached booklet in which I explained the brief history of Sambo Dispute and the reasons why I publish this book as a revised version. I strongly recommend you to get this book as well.

Yours sincerely,(敬具)
Kazuo MORI(守 一雄)
Shinshu University(信州大学)