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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 16:55:53 +0900
To: "Yoshiro Toda" ,"守 一雄"
From: (守 一雄)
Subject: Re: Little black sam

Dear Mr.Toda;
Thank you for your e-mail again.

At 0:52 PM 00.2.25, Yoshiro Toda wrote:(トダさんはこう書いています。)
> Mr. Mori
> I did not have any problem with the content of the story but with the title
> of the book.

I am very pleased to know that you have no problem with the
content of the story.

> The problem lies in the title which resemble the old "Little
> Black Sambo".

I do not deny the fact that the title of my book resembles the old one.
But I would not agree the following opinion of yours.

> In a society that still harbors
> and feeds on the sambo image of blacks, such titles only remind and
> perpetuate the image. I and more people would not have been offended by the
> book if they have titled it for example "Kuro Inu Monogatari" and stopped
> advertising it as the revised version of "Little Black Sambo." It does not
> take a rocket scientist to figure out (a highschool psychology student would
> be more than sufficient) that this title and the promotion of the book will
> perpetuate "Chibikuro sambo" image; "Chibikuro Sambo" is too ingrained in
> Japanese minds. If you want to change that image and let people enjoy the
> story, change the title as I stated and stop promoting the book as
> "Chibikuro Sambo"'s new brother "Chibikuro Sampo," a walking black dog.

Even if the title would be changed, it would not be possible to prevent anyone from associating the old book, as far as the story remains the same.

I hope the problem of the association will diminish in time and eventually disappear.
I give you just one example. Tani Kei, a former member of the Crazy-Cats, would certainly remind Japanese people older than my age, 48, of a famous American entertainer-actor, Danny Kaye. However, none of my students associate these names.

I greatly appeciate your kind effort for giving me an advice.
Thank you.

Kazuo MORI
Shinshu University
(信州大学 守 一雄)