Reply to Mr.Toda


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 16:25:59 +0900
To: "Yoshiro Toda"
From: (守 一雄)
Subject: Re: Little black sam

Dear Mr.Toda;

Thank you for your mail concerning about my book entaitiled "Chibikuro Sampo".(『チビクロさんぽ』に関するメールありがとうございました。)

This is not a simple revised version but a non-racist version of "The Story of Little Black Sambo" having carefully eliminated racist characterizations. It is not a story of a black boy, nor a boy of any race, but a story of a black dog. The book is also free from any pejorative word, such as Sambo. (この本は単なる改作ではなく、『ちびくろサンボ』の差別的要素を入念に取り除いた非差別改訂版です。黒人少年や、どんな人種の少年のお話でもなく、黒い犬のお話です。また、サンボなどの侮蔑語も一切使っていません。)

However, if you would find any racist character still remaining in it, I would appreciate receiving your concrete advice about it. It would also be appreciated very much, if you would read the following book where the reasons you stated in your mail were thouroughly debated and answered: ICHIKAWA, Shin-ichi (Ed.) " 'Chibikuro Sampo' no shuppan wa ze ka hi ka," Kitaooji Shobo Publishing, Kyoto, Japan, 1998. (それでも、まだ差別的要素が残っているようでしたら、具体的に御指摘いただけると有り難く存じます。以下の本に、あなたがメールで主張していた問題点について詳しく議論し回答していますので、ご覧いただけると幸いです。市川伸一編『「チビクロさんぽ」の出版は是か非か』京都、北大路書房刊、1998)

Also, please accept my open debate policy to put all the questions and answers to be disclosed on my homepage (URL= and so on. According to this policy, your mail was posted on my homepage. Thank you.(いただいた質問等を回答とともに私のホームページ上などで公開する方針を取っていることをご了解下さい。この方針にしたがって、いただいたメールもホームページに公開しました。どうぞよろしく。)