Toda's Opinion


From: "Yoshiro Toda"
Subject: Little black sam
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 22:31:08 -0800
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The publication of the book "chibi kuro sampo"/ "little black sam" must be immediately terminated for the following reasons.(『チビクロさんぽ』の出版は以下の理由によりただちに止めるべきです。)

1) The title of the book is virtually identical to the old "little black sambo" book which was highly racist yet so popular in Japan. By reading the title alone, readers will immediately connect this book with the older counterpart. In fact using "chibi kuro" is enough to remind anyone of the racist book.(この本のタイトルは、きわめて差別的であるにもかかわらず日本でいまだに人気のある昔の『ちびくろサンボ』と実質的に同じものです。タイトルを読んだだけで、読者は即座にこの本と昔の本を結びつけるでしょう。実際、「ちび、くろ」を使うことだけでも十分あの例の差別的本を思い出させます。)

2) The book is advertised as the revised version of "little black sambo". This is unacceptable because they are using the old racist images for publicity.(この本は『ちびくろサンボ』の改訂版と宣伝されています。古い差別的イメージを宣伝に使うのは許せません。)

3) People involved in the publishing of the book ignored the sentiments of blacks who suffered from racist stereotypes that was imposed on them. It is absolutely outrageous that there were no research conducted as to the opinions of blacks concerning the proposed publication of the book. This sort of disrespectful attitude must not be tolerated. (この本の出版に関わった人々は差別的ステレオタイプに苦しめられてきた黒人たちの感情を無視しています。この本の出版にあたって、黒人たちの意見を尋ねるような調査がなされなかったことはまったくケシカランことです。こうした失礼な態度はとても容認できません。)

Terminate the book! (この本を葬り去れ!)