Toda's Opinion #4


From: "Yoshiro Toda"
To: "守 一雄"
Subject: Re: Little black sam
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 03:26:58 -0800
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Mr. Mori wrote
> Your suggestion is a kind of "passive tactics", letting people NOT associate
> the new book to the old one. However, I have chosen a "positive tactic",
> explaining the reason why the word "Sambo" should not be used. For that
> purpose, I have prepared an attached booklet within my new book. If you
> would read this booklet, you would certainly recognize that the author of
> the revised book has accomplished enough effort to fulfill a moral
> responsibility.

You are contradicting yourself. On one hand you are employing the word "Sampo" in the title which is virtually same as "Sambo",maintaining the same syllable. On the other hand you claim to explain why the word "Sambo" should not be used in the book. I hope you see that in order to fulfill your moral responsibility, you must change the title radically. What good is the attached booklet if you contradict yourself. Let's suppose the name of the old book was "Little Black Nigger" and in the new version you change it to "Little Black Nikker". You certainly cannot contend that you have put enough effort to eliminate racist characterization in your book.

Most importantly, the consensus among blacks I spoke with is that this book is offensive because of the title. You must consider the opinions of blacks who were the victim of racist characterizations and change the title accordingly.

Mr. Mori, you are getting close to do the right thing. The final step is simple: Terminate the publication of the current book and change the title to "Kuroinu Monogatari" for example. Publish the book with the new title. If you would like to use your "positive tactic", attach your booklet within the book. No problem at last!