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Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 15:10:12 +0900
To: "Yoshiro Toda" ,"守 一雄"
From: (守 一雄)
Subject: Re: Little black sam

Dear Mr.Toda;(トダさま)

At 3:26 AM 00.3.2, Yoshiro Toda wrote:(トダさんはこう書いています。)
> You are contradicting yourself. On one hand you are employing the word
> "Sampo" in the title which is virtually same as "Sambo",maintaining the same
> syllable. On the other hand you claim to explain why the word "Sambo"
> should not be used in the book.

I am NOT contradicting myself. The word "Sambo" should not be used, therefore I did not use it. The word "Sampo" sounds SIMILAR but still it is NOT the same. Therefore, I used it.

> Let's suppose the name of
> the old book was "Little Black Nigger" and in the new version you change it
> to "Little Black Nikker". You certainly cannot contend that you have put
> enough effort to eliminate racist characterization in your book.

It is a good example to show you the important points. Your example is crucially different from my usage of the word Sampo in two points:
(1) "Nikker" is not a word, but "Sampo" is a basic Japanese word meaning "taking a walk",
(2) the story is nothing to do with Nikker, but it is the story of a dog taking a walk, or "sampo suru" in Japanese.

> Most importantly, the consensus among blacks I spoke with is that this book
> is offensive because of the title. You must consider the opinions of blacks
> who were the victim of racist characterizations and change the title
> accordingly.

It would be mostly appreciated if you would explain them what I have explained to you.
Or, you would just let them read the e-mails I have sent to you.

"Do not judge a person only by the appearance," is a universal rule. It is particularly important concerning the racial discrimination. I beg you and your black friends NOT to jugde my book only by the title. Please read the attached booklet and judge later.

Finally, I would thank you again for your interest and concern about my book.

Yours truly,(敬具)
Kazuo MORI(守 一雄)
Shinshu University(信州大学)