(Kyoshinken Review)

But The Only English Guide
To Kyoshinken (Japanese Journal of Educational Psychology)

Kyoshinken Review, an online journal published regularly in Japanese, critically reviews the papers published in Kyoshinken(Kyo-uiku Shin-rigaku Ken-kyu: Japanese Journal of Educational Psychology). For non-Japanese readers all over the world, Kyoshinken Review also has Special Issues in English introducing the contents of Kyoshinken and recommending the best paper(s).
List of Special Issues
Date of Issue Vols Corresponding JJEP
April 2001 Vol.6-s4 Vol.48-4(2000)
Jan. 2001 Vol.6-s3 Vol.48-3(2000)
Oct. 2000 Vol.6-s2 Vol.48-2(2000)
July 2000 Vol.6-s1 Vol.48-1(2000)
April 2000 Vol.5-s4 Vol.47-4(1999)
Jan. 2000 Vol.5-s3 Vol.47-3(1999)
Oct. 1999 Vol.5-s2 Vol.47-2(1999)
July 1999 Vol.5-s1 Vol.47-1(1999)
April 1999 Vol.4-s4 Vol.46-4(1998)
Jan.1999 Vol.4-s3 Vol.46-3(1998)
Oct.1998 Vol.4-s2 Vol.46-2(1998)
July 1998 Vol.4-s1 Vol.46-1(1998)
April 1998 Vol.3-s4 Vol.45-4(1997)
Jan.1998 Vol.3-s3 Vol.45-3(1997)
Oct.1997 Vol.3-s2 Vol.45-2(1997)
July 1997 Vol.3-s1 Vol.45-1(1997)

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