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Mr. iCEO.
Would you make this machine?

Front View


Top View


Back View

Left Side View
Right Side View
Open Shell

Close Shell

Expand Bay

Spec (Like Lombard?)  
  • 280mm(Width) x 220mm(depth) x 30mm(Hight)
  • 1.7kg(with DVD-ROM & standerd battery)
  • 2.0kg(with Expand Battery)
  • XGA 11.5" TFT active matrix LCD
  • 24bit Color(6MB VRAM)
  • 5x DVD-ROM drive or expand(Large) battery bay
  • Upper 400MHz G3 or G4 CPU with 100MHz system bus
  • 1 or 2MB Back side cache with 200MHz cache bus
  • 17.6mm space (near) full size keybord
  • 2x PC Card slot with (real) Card bus & ZV port
  • 1x CF(Conpact Flash) Card size "com" slot
  • 1x RJ-45 100/10Base-T port
  • 1x USB port (side)
  • 1x 400Mbps FireWire port
  • 1x RGB Video port (Old PowerBook Style)
  • Long Battery life (Standerd 2.5 hour)
  • Expand battery (+Expand 5 hour Total 7.5hour)
  • CPU daughter board (Upgreadable)
  • Translucent shell latch with blinking blue LED
  • $2000-$3000

Can you hear me? Steve....
Can you take a Powerbook on a Tokyo's subway in the morning?

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4/2 Executive Portable?

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