Inside hot spring with a view to the outside (rotenburo)
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Hot Spring Bath (Onsen)

Misaka Ryokan offers natural onsen free to anyone staying overnight. Onsen is also easily available to anyone not staying at Misaka Ryokan for a small fee.
The onsen have a relaxing effect on your body and mind, due to the natural minerals present in the bath.
There are separate bath areas for men and women, and each side has both inside bath and showers, as well as Rotenburo (outside bath).

Guidelines for Using Onsen
  1. Take off all your clothes in the changing room and place them into an alcove together with your bath towel.
  2. Japanese hot springs are enjoyed naked. However, it is the custom to bring a small towel into the bathing area, with which you can enhance your privacy while outside of the water. Once you enter the bath, keep the towel out of the water.
  3. Before entering the bath, rinse your body with water from either a tap or the bath using a washbowl provided in the bathing area. Just rinsing your body is usually sufficient unless you are excessively dirty, in which case you want to use soap.
  4. Enter the bath and soak for a while. Note that the bath water can be very hot (typical temperatures are 40 to 44 degrees). If it feels too hot, try to enter very slowly and move as little as possible.
  5. After soaking for a while, get out of the bath and wash your body with soap at a shower booth while sitting on a stool. Soap and shampoo are provided at the shower booths next to the baths. Like in private Japanese bathrooms, make sure that no soap gets into the bath water. Tidy up your space after you finished cleaning your body.
  6. Re-enter the bath and soak some more.
  7. After you finished soaking, do not rinse your body with tap water, for the minerals to have full effect on your body.

Hirugami Onsen Misaka Ryokan
461 Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture 〶395-0304 Japan.  TEL: (81)265-43-2656