Other amenities available at Misaka Ryokan
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In addition to the exquisitely prepared food, the beautiful rooms and the relaxing onsen, your stay at Misaka Ryokan will be enhanced even more by the inviting atmosphere unique to this area and to the ryokan.
  • Upon entering the ryokan, you will immediately find the library and T.V. room offered by owner's Noriyo and Kikumi Toyama. This extensive library contains literature on the history of Nagano Prefecture and Shimoina County, as well as Japanese culture.
    You can also find a small variety of English books to browse during your stay.

  • The T.V. room offers an assortment of videos, including a large collection of Japanese drumming (taiko) videos, as Noriyo-san is also a taiko drummer with the local group, Hirugami Onsen Daiko.

  • Along the main corridor to the left, there is a meeting and decoration room. This is filled with the local decorative art of Mizuhiki, which was originally created in Shimoina County.

  • To the right is the ryokan pub. Noriyo-san is well-known in Hirugami Onsen for his extensive knowledge of foreign liquors and whiskeys, as well as local sake. If you are staying at the ryokan, you will find the pub inviting and open late.

Hirugami Onsen Misaka Ryokan
461 Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture 〶395-0304 Japan.  TEL: (81)265-43-2656