15 Jo (22 square meter) size room
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Washitsu (Japanese tatami-style) rooms available in three sizes: Hachijo, Jyujo or Jyugojo.

Washitsu Hachijo
Single private rooms at Misaka Ryokan are Hachijo, or 8 tatami-mat size. These rooms are specifically for one guest per night.

Washitsu Jyujo
Most of the rooms at Misaka Ryokan are Jyujo, or 10 tatami-mat size. This size translates to approximately 15 square meters of space. These rooms are available for 2 to 4 guests per night.

Washitsu Jyugojo
There are also larger rooms called Jyugojo, or 15 tatami-mat size, which translates to approximately 22 square meters of space. These rooms are available for 5 to 6 guests per night.

All rooms include the following amenities:
  • 26 inch Color Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Washbasin
  • Towels
  • In-room air and heater
  • Safe
Other amenities available upon request:
  • Yukata Robe
  • Hand and Bath Towels
  • Hand Soaps
  • Tooth Brush
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Hirugami Onsen Misaka Ryokan
461 Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture 〶395-0304 Japan.  TEL: (81)265-43-2656