International Roundtable on Memory

International Collaboration on Memory Research: The Non-British Initiative

Supported by the Joint Research Grant 2018 from the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan and Matsumoto University for a cooperative research with the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus



1. Venue: Room 331 (3F in Building#3), Matsumoto University

2. Date: Saturday October 13th, 2018

3. Invited Speakers

4. Organizer

5. Program

  • Workshop
       10:00-12:00 How to present a paper in English
    Instructor: M. Garry (Waikato University)
  • Symposium
    Chair: K. Mori (Matsumoto University)
       14:00- Welcome Greetings
       14:10- H. Ito (Aichi University):
    Automatic imitation in serial arm movements (Tentative)
       14:35- Y. Fukushima (Nihon University):
    The effects of feedback after identification of witnessed events on the testimony
       15:00- K. Mori (Matsumoto University):
    Psychology is a WIERD science: The Non-English Initiative
       15:25- Short Break
       15:35- K. Luna (University of Minho, Portugal):
    How to Identify Central and Peripheral Information in Eyewitness Memory
       16:00- S. Janssen (Universidad of Nottingham, Malaysia):
    Open Science: The solution to the Replication Crisis
       16:25- M. Garry (The University of Wakaito, New Zealand): Discussant
       17:00- General Discussion
       17:30- Closing Remarks
    (Sara Cadavid and Eiichiro Watamura withdrew their papers.)

  • Reception  
       18:30-20:30 (Shoka, Niimura, Matsumoto)
  • 6.Registration

    • The registration fees for presenters.
      • Professors: 12,000 Yen
      • Students: 4,000 Yen
    • The registration fee for participants. Free.
    • The registration fees should be transferred to the following Japan Post Account: IROM Jikko Iinkai 00150-9-485969
      or, the PayPal Account: SARMACJapan

    For further information, send inquiry to Kaz Mori.