International Roundtable on Memory

International Collaboration Research on Eyewitness Memory

Supported by the Joint Research Grant 2017 from the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan and Matsumoto University for a cooperative research with Aichi University



1. Venue: Room 532 (3F in Building#5), Matsumoto University

2. Date: Sunday October 15th, 2017

3. Invited Speakers

4. Organizer

5. Program

  • Symposium:13:00-15:10
    Co-Chairs: H. Ito (Aichi University) & D. Kumar (NIMHaNS, India)
    12:50- H. Sumiyoshi (President, Matsumoto University): Welcome Greetings
    13:00- K. Mori (Matsumoto University):
    International project for assessing the average ratios of conformity frequencies among co-witness pairs by utilizing the pre-registered experimental procedure.
    13:25- S. Gulgoz (Koc University, Turkey):
    Your memory or mine? Competing memories of shared experiences.
    13:50- K.Barzykowski (Jagiellonian University, Poland):
    How intention to retrieve a memory and expectation that it will happen influence the retrieval of autobiographical memories.
    14:15- D. Kumar (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India):
    Examining memory conformity with MORI technique: data from a collectivist society.
    14:40- M. Garry (The University of Wakaito, New Zealand): Discussant
  • Paper Presentations: 15:10-16:30
    15:10- A. Talyor
    More recall, less coherence: The effect of probing questions on people’s ratings of memory coherence
    15:25- R. Burnell
    The effect of cheating on eyewitness confidence
    15:40- M. Sanson
    The effect of retrieval ease on perceived retrieval intent
    15:55- T. Moss
    The effect of in-group bias on the influence of misinformation
    16:10- General Discussion
    16:25- Closing Remark

  • Reception: 18:00-20:00 (Sakuraya, 4-9-1 Ohte, Matsumoto)
  • 6.Registration

    • The registration fees for presenters.
      • Professors: 16,000 Yen
      • Students: 6,000 Yen
    • The registration fee for participants. Free.
    • The registration fees should be transferred to the following Japan Post Account: IROM Jikko Iinkai 00150-9-485969
      or, the PayPal Account: SARMACJapan

    For further information, send inquiry to Kaz Mori.