1. Excavation members of Yadegawa site on 1954

2. Microblade-core and Microblades from Yadegawa site

3. Excavation of Babadaira point site on 1953

4. Mapping member of Yatsugatake Palaeolithic sites,belong to Kyoto-joshi Univ on 70'.

5. Mapping of Yatsugatake Palaeolithic sites by Meiji Univ.

6. Palaeolithic archaeologist Prof. M.Tozawa in Yadegawa site

7. Excavation of Nakappra5B site by YPRG on 1990

8. S.Yui and Prof. C.Serizawa,are first discoverer of Yadegawa site.

9. S.Yui and Prof. C.Serizawa, are observing Lithic Artifact.