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What's The Labyrinth Through The Fancyscope?
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Collection of Pink Essays
  I - Synesthesia in Pink Floyd
  II - Secrets Ceremony at Pompeii
  III - Ummagumma-ologies
  IV - Pink Revelation Training a Fancyscope on New Century
  V - New Meddle Theory
  VI - Altered States of Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology
  VII - Pink True Colors
  VIII - Thus, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, that is, exactly BUDDHISM
  IX - Echoes - The Best Of Pink Floyd Echoing In Nested Boxes
  X - An Inverted Projection of on Embryo
  XI - Infinite Scale
  XII - Strange Similarities Between Pink Floyd and Ken Wilber
  XIII - Mason & Robert Fludd
  XIV - Contribution: The Relation Between The Embryo And Echoes
 XV - Floyd's Convergence
 XVI - The Synchronicity Between Echoes & 2001: A Space Odyssey
 XVII - The Bullying-village's Bullying Farm Story
 XVIII - Scientizing Comfortably Numb
 XIX - Do Pyramids Crystallize Diamond at Zenith? New