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(それぞれ拡大してご覧になれます / You can see magnifying each pictures.)

[Aquirax Uno]

Aquirax Unoゥ 1973

[pompeii head]

[Pompeii Panorama]

[Pompei Eugene]

[Dave Gilmour] [Rick Wright]
[Nick Mason] [Roger Waters]

[Dave Gilmour] [Rick Wright]
[Nick Mason] [Roger Waters]


(『ピンク・フロイド 幻燈の中の迷宮』あとがきより)

An Introduction for Mr. Aquirax Uno (foreword and cover design)

In 1971, when Pink Floyd performed in Japan first, Japanese fans suddenly increased. However, that was the very Mr. Aquirax Uno who praised Pink Floyd sky-high with enthusiasm still more for a long time in magazine etc. Mr. Uno's terrific ultra-sense and awakening insight was a pioneer to open the Floyd's door, and just became the starting point for me and Mr. Takahashi. So, because we could get his ready consent to write a foreword, moreover were rendered services to cover design, we are in seventh heaven.
(from postscript to a book by Imai)


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